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Best Podcasts For the Busy Professional

There is only so much time in the day. Unfortunately, the facet of life that generally tends to take the backseat for the busy professional is continued education. We walk across the stage, accept the diploma, and the learning stops there. Enter podcasts. Think of each minute of your day spent with headphones in your ears, why not use that time to re-educate yourself, enhance your technique, and reignite your work ethic.


A good host is great, but the best part of a podcast is the guests. Mixergy has the perfected the art of guest selection. With the most successful entrepreneurs and business professionals in the field on air, Mixergy is the one stop shop for business advice and quick education.

Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins is a big name when it comes to motivation and business advice, so it seems like a no-brainer that he would bring us a weekly serving of insight and inspiration. This is the podcast to inspire you inside the office as well as out, Robbins motivates listeners to be the best they can be no matter where they are. Considering we are founded on this ideal, this podcast is totally CLA Global Inc approved.

Duct Tape Marketing

This is the podcast for the entrepreneur on a budget. Maybe your days aren’t spent in a cubicle, following corporate rules, or scrolling through company-wide email threads. Starting a business, or working from the ground up? Here at CLA Global Inc, we can appreciate that! This podcast brings business advice, sales tips, and money-saving mantras all in one.

$100 MBA

Business school is not the only road to success, and who is to say it is the only way to learn the tools of the trade? At CLA Global Inc, we believe there are many different ways to learn. This podcast consists of short, 10-minute, snippets with the sole purpose of teaching a specific business-based lesson. Subtract the witty banter and loud personalities of other podcasts, this is pure and simple education.

Rise and Grind

Love Shark Tank? CLA Global Inc does too. Rise and Grind is an original podcast created by Daymond John, a famous face widely-known business for his success. His focus is teaching the listener how to “outperform, outwork, and outhustle your way to a more successful life.” This is the podcast you need for motivation, go-getter! You have the tools, all you need is the hustle.

That’s all from us, start listening! From all of us here at CLA GLobal Inc, happy listening!

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