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Being a Boss VS Being a Leader

What’s the difference between being a boss and a leader? It all comes down to leading by example. While many people confuse the two, there are major differences between being just a boss and being an actual leader and here at CLA Global Inc, we know what it takes to not just lead a team but to succeed while doing it. Leaders lead, motivate and empower. Bosses just try to get the job done. While bosses are focused on themselves, leaders look for ways they can help and encourage those around them.

1) Leaders listen and speak rather than command

Bosses tend to give orders; they need their employees to listen and to obey without questioning their authority. However, leaders are capable of listening to the opinions and thoughts of their employees while fully understanding the importance of other viewpoints. Leaders are always ready for advising, discussion and any feedback an employee has to offer. This reciprocity makes any individual employee feel stronger and gives him or her confidence to follow the leader and understand further decision making when it comes to important issues in the workplace. A strong leader makes his or her employees’ thoughts and ideas feel valued and important.

2) A true leader is a person who is confident enough to teach his/her employees, but who is also humble enough to learn from those “below” on the hierarchical ladder.

At CLA Global Inc, we recognize the importance of knowing that it is never late to learn more and that there is always a new efficient way to complete tasks. This explains the tendency of leaders to always pay attention to their colleagues, knowing there is always more to learn from them. A huge difference between a leader and a boss is that leaders are not just takers, but givers, too. A good leader teaches and nurtures new professionals while also learning from them.

A good leader does not establish favorites in the workplace, rather presents each employee with an equal opportunity to present his or her best work. A good leader treats everyone equally and does not allow personal preferences to affect the team dynamic. This ensures that the group of employees, in fact, remains a team and works together in a conscious stress-free environment.

During your career, you will face two kinds of managers: leaders and bosses. Bosses are people who are more likely to fail while those who lead will succeed. At CLA Global Inc, we strive to build a team of successful leaders.


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