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Julian Zambrano

Director of human resources

Originally from Colombia, by the way of Santa Barbara and San Francisco, Julian moved to Los Angeles back in 2012. He got his degree in Communication and Journalism, with a minor in Dramatic Arts.


His journey with CLA Global started back in 2018, working with the sales team where he successfully learned the ins and outs of B2B marketing. In 2019 Julian joined the hiring department for the company, helping it grow in numbers to meet the demand from our clients, and achieving awards as Rising Star in 2020 and Top Recruiter in 2021.


Currently working on our San Francisco expansion, our second location in Los Angeles, and a new Dallas office, Julian is excited to see the company grow and get to new levels. 

Some of his hobbies include portrait photography, live theatre, and beach trips.

Julian 4.jpg

Our team at CLA Global Inc consists of highly motivated and energetic professionals with great character and the highest level of integrity.

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